Risk management services


Risk Management serves to help SLE, its carriers and clients improve insurability through compliance with relevant guidelines, standards and observance of other relevant measures that may minimize the frequency and severity of claims. It enables SLE’s clients to not suffer the vagaries of the insurance cycle. Accordingly, the following constitute the principal activities and projects of our Risk Management Team.


SLE Loss Control relies on knowledgeable and experienced in-house loss control professionals for the unique expertise required to evaluate and improve the insurability of our prospective insureds.


  • Loss Control Surveys - A risk management fundamental, surveys are conducted according to underwriting requirements for each type of risk and/or loss history analysis of the insured.
  • Loss Analysis - Loss ratios can be improved by increasing premiums and/or reducing losses. SLE concentrates on the latter; searching through loss histories for patterns of claims that may respond to more effective loss control measures.
  • Loss Control Bulletins - Loss control concepts and guidelines relevant to the needs of SLE‘s clients, as gained from surveys, loss histories and information from the field are translated to one-page Loss Control Bulletins for distribution to clients.
  • Special Projects - Risk Management will, at times, help legal, underwriting, marketing, claims and/or operations, find solutions to concerns of clients about their risk profile or loss history..

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