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SLE Holdings insures more than 250,000 events and activities annually and many of the nation’s largest sports. With bespoke wordings and risk management solutions, SLE is dedicated to providing you with the cover you need.

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Sport Leisure & Entertainment

Some examples of risks we cover are listed below.

Sle Worldwide

Non-Preferred Areas

Non preferred areas include: Children's play centres, city or suburban pubs, concession go karting, equine parks (trail riding, sporting associations) ice skating venues, inflatables, motorsport off-road, public swimming pools, travelling amusement ride operators.

General Industrial & Commercial

Some examples of risks we cover are listed below.

Pacific Underwriting

Non-Preferred Areas

Non preferred areas include: Asbestos risks, bushfire exposures, cleaners, crane operators, crowd control, energy risks, equine risks, e-scooter or e-bicycle risks, financial lines, fire protection, firearms, ammunition or weapons, herbicide or insecticide products, hotels, pubs, nightclubs (refer to SLE), medical malpractice, offshore risks, roofers, scaffold, risks, shopping centres, software developers, sport, leisure & entertainment (refer to SLE), statutory liability, tobacco products, waste disposal.

Our Liability Team

Head of Liability (Pacific Underwriting)

Michael Carroll

+61 2 9249 1514 +61 438 169 519
Deputy Head of Liability (Pacific Underwriting)

Jason Henry(Melbourne Based)

+61 481 289 865
Senior Manager Liability (Pacific Underwriting)

Sidd Chander

+61 2 9249 1502 +61 431 450 972
Liability Underwriter (Pacific Underwriting)

Mia Maglica(Melbourne Based)

+61 422 334 207
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